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Not sure what Tzatziki sauce is? Never hear of Baba Ghannouj? Click on any highlighted menu item on this page to learn what it is!

Signature Pitas

All pitas listed are available in the The Pocket or The Wrap and are custom made to customers satisfaction, therefore the descriptions are our suggestions or "How we do it." Only The Pocket is available in white or whole wheat.

Authentic Gyros (Wrap$6.50
Seasoned blend of beef and lamb, slow roasted, and steamed to perfection, topped with our famous Tzatziki sauce, tomato, and onion

Souvlaki (Pocket or Wrap$6.50

Choice of marinated grilled chicken or beef, choice of Tzatziki or dill sauce, choice of veggies, feta cheese and Greek dressing

Falafel (Pocket$6.50
Choice of veggies, hummus, tahini sauce (No meat, no dairy)

Mediterranean (Pocket or Wrap$6.50
Choice of meat, choice of veggies, hummus, tahini sauce

Garlic (Pocket or Wrap$6.50
Choice of meat, fries (in the pita), garlic sauce, lettuce, onion, pickles 
Chicken Caesar (Pocket or Wrap$6.50
Our grilled chicken, parmesean cheese, choice of veggies, and our creamy caeser dressing

Buffalo Chicken (Pocket or Wrap) $6.50

Our grilled chicken,cheddar cheese, homade Buffalo sauce and choice of veggies

BBQ Chicken (Pocket or Wrap$6.50
Our grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, choice of veggies, BBQ sauce and mayo

Fish Filet (Wrap or Bun) $6.50
4oz fish patty served with yellow American cheese, choice of veggies and tartar sauce

Cheeseburger (Wrap or Bun) $6.00

1/3 lb Angus beef. Choice of veggies, ketchup, mayo, and mustard

Veggie (Pocket or Wrap$5.49
Choice of Tzatziki or dill, choice of veggies, feta cheese, and Greek dressing

Hummus / Baba Ghannouj / Tuna (Pocket or Wrap$6.00
Choice of spread, choice of veggies, Tahini or Greek dressing

  • Add $1.50 for extra meat
  • Add Tabuleh to any Pita for $.50. No additional charges for anything "in" the pita
  • Extra side sauce/spread $.75
  • Extra side dressing/cheese $.50

The Combo Meal

Add $4.25 to any Signature Pita or Platter and choose a side item and a medium fountain drink!

(Add $.75 for Greek Fries or Tabuleh) 





Choice of  veggies:  lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber,  black olives, pickles, banana peppers, roasted red pepper, pickled turnips, kalamata olives  

Signature Platters

The Dinner $12.00 Choice of Chicken, Beef or Gyros, served over a warm bed of on a bed of rice, with greek salad and roasted potatoes. Grilled pita pocket and choice of Tzatziki, dill, or garlic sauce
The Open $11.00
Choice of ChickenBeef or Gyros, served on large Greek salad. Grilled pita pocket and choice of Tzatziki or dill
The Tour $11.00 Tabuleh Salad, FalafelHummusBaba Ghannouj, and Grape Leaves all served with a grilled pita pocket and side of Tahini. Looks great and tastes better! (No meat, no dairy) 

Breads & Spreads $11.00

Grilled pocket, griled wrap, and our pita chips, served with HummusBaba GhannoujTzatziki and dill sauce for dipping!  (Great to share!)

The Falafel $11.00

Five falafel patties served on a large Fatoush Salad, served with a grilled pita pocket and side of hummus and Tahini. (no meat, no dairy)

The Spinach Pie $12.00
Our spinach pie, warmed and stuffed with feta, tomatoes, and chicken, served with the signature side of your of your choice, and a side of Tzatziki or dill. (The Spinach Pie is also available meatless and a la carte for $5.50)

Signature Sides

Greek Fries $4.25
Originated by Pita Gourmet! Fries topped with feta cheese and our homemade Greek dressing. To die for!
Pita Chips $3.50
The Pocket cut up, fried and seasoned, choice of Tzatziki or hummus for dipping
Baklava $3.50

Rice Pudding $3.50

Fries $3.50

Side Hummus / Baba Ghannouj $3.50
Served with grilled pita
Rice $3.50
Pasta Salad $3.50
Roasted Potatoes $3.50
Grape Leaves (4) with Tzatziki $3.50
Falafel (4) with Tahini $3.50
Side Salad (Greek, Fatoush, Ceaser, or Chef) $3.50
Tabuleh Salad $4.25


Greek Salad
Side $3.50 Whole $7.00
Fatoush Salad Side $3.50 Whole $7.00
Caeser Salad Side $3.50 Whole $7.00
Chef / Custom Side $3.50 Whole $7.00

Meat                 lg 4.00, sm 2.00
Pita $1.00
Extra Dressing lg 1.00 sm .75
Extra Sauce      lg 1.00 sm .75
Extra Cheese $.50



All pricing is for the Transit Road location only.

Hours of Operation

Niagara Falls: Open During Mall Hours
Transit Road: Mon-Sat: 10:30am-9pm,

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